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This article will talk about web game development and the corresponding knowledge points of web game development engine. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. A list of the content of this article: 1. What language is used to develop web games 2. Who are the barrage game development companies? 3. How to make a good web game? 4. How to make a web game? 5. What is the process of developing a web game? 6. 2D web game development engine? What language is used to develop the web game in the backend? For development, we need to use some server-side languages, such as PHP, Java, Python, etc. These languages can connect to databases, process logic, output results, and more. For game webpages, some game development frameworks, such as Unity and UnrealEngine, are also required. The front end of web games is basically based on flash, so it is developed by action script, and the background is more complicated, which can be php, python, ruby, jsp, etc. Step 2: At present, flash game development needs to use Actionscript0 language. If you already have other programming experience in web game development, it is best. If not, please try to learn object-oriented concepts first, and read more programming books. . Then learn the AS0 language. See more flash help files. WEB. WEB games refer to a type of game that runs in a browser and is displayed in the form of a web page. It is essentially a web page, so the programming language of WEB games is mainly WEB development language, such as PHP, JS, HTML5 and so on. mobile terminal. Game development is divided into web games, flash, and java games, commonly known as small games, which are basically casual and silly plots and operations. The development of this type of game is relatively simple, and you can develop javascript, flash cs, and java. . What are the barrage game development companies? 1. NetEase Games: NetEase Games is a well-known game development company in China, with many years of game development experience and strong technical strength. NetEase Games can provide mini game development, H5 game development, mobile game development and other services, as well as operation and promotion support. 2. NetEase Games: NetEase officially established the online game division in 2001, growing together with game lovers. After nearly 20 years of rapid development, NetEase has become one of the seven largest game companies in the world. As an earlier game development company in China, NetEase has always been at the forefront of independent research and development of online games. 3. Recommend the following famous game development companies: Well-known game development companies include: Blizzard, Riot Games, and Blue Hole. These companies have developed world-renowned excellent works and have been recognized by players around the world. From this we can see their strength. There may be other companies. How to make a good web game of your own? 1. You can find a C language programmer to do this. For C language programmers, this function is quite simple. Of course, you need to write it yourself to judge the specific data processing and operate the database. Just ask a C language programmer to give you a standard code. Fully supports sql statement. Function page, function function. 2. Domain name To build a game platform and game website, its carrier is essentially a web page link. To generate the game platform link, you need to register a domain name. All links on the game website are based on this domain name. Registering a basic domain name costs only a few dozen yuan a year. 3. From the perspective of security, flash is the first choice for domestic mainstream web game development. For details, you can go to the Tiandihui Forum. There are many things there. Learn a little bit to determine whether you really want to develop in this direction. Then it is best to go to a training class with a teacher, the effect will be completely different. How to make a web game? Planning: game content planning web game development, including all aspects of game content web game development, such as world view, occupation, value, map, task, etc. Web game development and game testing at the same time. User interface planning, including game web interface layout, operation panel layout, operation mode setting, copying, etc. , while doing the main testing work of the game. In general. This part of the program is very simple. The difficulty lies in the production of the C language timer and the writing method of the javascipt countdown at the front desk. It will be more troublesome if you are not a professional to do the game webpage, so let's find a professional to write it. When writing it specifically, the formula will definitely be a lot more complicated. javascript function. (Optional) Simulate client-side data calculations. That is, the time-related data of webgame. Divided into two parts. Part of it is real data, which is calculated by a timer on the server side. The other part is only the initial value, which is displayed by the client. I don't know enough about web game development. How are games made? \x0d\x0a\x0d\x0aThe program composition of web game development is divided into three parts: the first is the data flow. The second is art. The third is the program. The process of developing a web game is 1. Design your own game plot. Each game has its own plot and character background, and you can design your own game plot according to your own ideas. For example, you can find some plots from novels and rewrite them to form the main line of the game, and the branch lines of the game can be added later. Choose a development tool for making games. 2. Writing game engine and modeling: It is necessary to master C/C++, Microsoft Develop Studio development environment, use SDK or MFC, DirectX/OpenGL, SQL programming, SQLServer or Oracle database configuration. 3. The program composition of \x0d\x0a\x0d\x0a web game development is divided into three parts: the first is the data flow. The second is art. The third is the program. \x0d\x0a data flow \x0d\x0a data flow Among them, the data flow includes functions. The data flow can only be reflected in the function. 2d web game development engine? Impact: Support desktop environment and mobile terminal, support all major browsers: FIrefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE. Craftjs is another perfect game engine that provides an interface for developing great games and is cross-browser compatible. Of course, egret engine and layabox are also available. Egret is an old engine with a more active community and more tools. Layabox claims to have strong performance, but it can only be revealed when the team develops big games. Otherwise, the performance of this thing depends on programming optimization to do better. And the Unity engine can also be a very good 2D game. Common old-fashioned 2D game engines are as follows: RPG Maker: This is a very famous tool for making role-playing games. It is easy to use, rich in functions, and suitable for beginners. It should be cocos-2dx, an open source game engine released under the mit license. Game development is fast, easy, and powerful. , the first one is Cocos 2DX. It is mainly used for H5 mini-games, and can only be used for 2D game development. Although there is no high-end graphics, mini-games are actually the most profitable direction, and they are also one of the mainstreams in the current market. Domestic 2D mobile games use Cocos2dx more. For 3D mobile games, Unity is more used. Of course, it is also possible to make 2D games with Unity. For console games, engines such as UE4 and CryEngine are used. This is the end of the introduction to web game development. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about web game development engines and web game development on this site.

Web game development➻Web game development engine